Attraction Marketing

Hounding people down on social media to make a sale is so 2013. It's time to get with it for 2018, and the way to do that is to implement Attraction Marketing.

Attraction Marketing, simply put, is marketing that attracts prospects to you so that they pursue you to buy your products or join your business opportunity. It's not only much more respectable than selling out of desperation, but's it's also much easier. In order to become the hunted versus the hunter, there are some simple steps you can start to implement that will draw others to you like bees to honey.

The very first principle is to provide value in your posts and your live videos. People love the word Free and anything Free and will often bend over backwards to get something for nothing. It's just in this case they may think it's for nothing but soon they will be chasing you down because they won't be able to resist! So be generous in all of the marketing tips and wisdom you can provide to your audience. 

In the video below, I show you how Attraction Marketing is very similar to dating! In both cases, you are attracting someone to you. I discuss the numerous qualities that make you attractive to prospects on your Facebook personal profile. But the tip really applies to any social media platform.

Check out the video!