Curiosity Marketing

As humans we are curious. We like to know things, often everything. So when people don't tell us everything and are a bit mysterious, it peaks our interest in them. Often we wonder what they're hiding, but not in a bad way. There's intrigue which gets us thinking more and more about them.

This is the same principle you want to use to build your brand and following. While Attraction Marketing attracts people to you by providing value, Curiosity Marketing attracts people to you by not providing detail. Sound confusing? How can you provide value without giving any detail?

This is what I mean. Irregardless of what business opportunity you are promoting, you can provide general business information about your industry to help others - to anyone actually who's also in online, network, or affiliate marketing. They don't have to be in your company to get value. While you're providing that value, you're not giving any specifics about what you do exactly or about your exact business opportunity. This gets people wondering and thinking about you and your business. They see all the value you're offering, know you're amazing at what you do, and thus want to learn more about your business and how they can join you. This is the feeling Curiosity Marketing should evoke. 

At first, this can feel hard to do. It's easy to spill the beans and give all the details, but it's harder when you need to work around revealing them. So what you do is drop in casual mentions of your business without a product name (skincare, weight loss, fitness etc...). Like maybe you mention in passing on your Facebook profile or live video, your friend just lost 25 lbs with this amazing new weight loss aid that you too love. But you don't mention the company. They're going to be intrigued if they too are looking to lose weight and likely reach out to you to ask what you're talking about. Whatever the social media platform - you could be on Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube too - once, you get in a private message, then you can let them know more about the product. It's just that the masses won't be able to glance at your profile and know exactly what you represent. That way you are more interesting.

You know what I mean. You've seen those profiles with a company name splashed all over them in the job title, on the cover photo, on almost every post. You already know who the person is representing so why do you need to go with them? You might say, well, they're still providing value in Attraction Marketing. And this might be true. But it's just not as effective. Think of your favorite TV series. When it's about to return for the new season and you are seeing previews on commercials of what's to come. Then, you start trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together to figure out how those events might unfold. This makes you want to watch the whole season to see the ending. 

You've heard of the proverb "curiosity killed the cat" but have you heard about the continuation of that phrase "but satisfaction brought it back"? The first part of the saying implies that curiosity is bad because it can lead to worry and sorrow. The second part implies that curiosity is actually good because of the sheer satisfaction of finally knowing the answer to the question. 

I'm probably one of the most curious people out there. Raise your hand if you've ever Googled the ending to your favorite TV series (I only do this with reality shows like the Bachelor!) or read the ending to a book first. The latter, I will confess, I have never done, but I'm bad with my TV show!  It's the draw of curiosity that is making you so anxious and excited to know that you literally can't wait to find out. You're almost becoming impatient but in a fun, challenging way.

So give this a try, and connect with me to let me know how it goes! And check out my video below in the meantime.