I don't want to call these comebacks, but they kind of are, boo boo. In a totally polite way. You will find haters when you try to go on your own and do anything - especially entering the online world, no matter what facet you choose. Why? First, these people are likely not brave enough to do what you're doing so they must put you down to make themselves feel better. Ugh. Second, they're just haters because we live in a world unfortunately that's plentiful when it comes to judgment and assessment. Ew. Third, they might actually think they are saving you from yourself when in fact they are hurting your only true chance at lifestyle, financial, and time freedom. No way! But hang on for the ride, I have the answer, snowflake.

In the video below, these are common rebuttals that you can not only implement but arm yourself with when you get approached by those who think you drank the tropical punch Kool-Aid. Please do not mistake the fact that I still believe you should do your due diligence when it comes to any business opportunity. That is only the smart thing to do. Rather, I am saying once you've investigated the opportunity at hand and know it's legitimate, these are some things you can tell those who are choosing to not support you in that classic (and majorly annoying) party pooper fashion.

I caution you on another thing, beauty. Do not assume that the people you think will support you will be the ones who actually do. Unfortunately, that is often not the case. Cry me a river. But rather, it is those you wouldn't have suspected of being supportive that come forward and give you encouragement - with pom poms and all. Now, that is a beautiful thing. I just want you to be prepared to know sometimes those the closest are the least supportive.

Another thing that is imperative for you to be prepared for is the fact that online entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey. You might have to go at this alone if people in your life don't support you, love. This will take a lot of courage, strength, and conviction. You need to stay the course and not abandon the path you know you are supposed to be on. Do not expect that this will be an overnight win complete with a Maraschino cherry on top. This business takes a considerable amount of work, but in the end it affords you the freedom to live your life the way you really want...à la fabulous you!

Then, you can go back to your doubters and ask them what they think about your success (insert ROFL gif here). Because success is the best revenge!

Click here to check out how to meet their (YAWN) objections in my video. 

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