How To Build A Personal Brand Using Facebook

Written by Tarla Makaeff

Creating a Facebook profile for personal branding that helps you market your business actually goes against everything you've been taught about business.

You know how since the dawn of time you've been told to list every single job and accomplishment complete with details down to the dates of employment on your CV? Yeah, that's not gonna fly on FB - AT ALL. So it's time to modernize your profile.

The most important point I want to get across is that you've got to be mysterious. You cannot lay it all out there like a Yale curriculum vitae. No, girl, no. We know you're proud of all of your accomplishments but you are not going to list all of your past and present positions - anywhere. Think about it. You're not actually in front of any of the people looking at your profile. Only your profile is. So you've got to up this game - think of a resume x 10.

Anyone should be able to go to your profile and not know exactly what you are doing for business. I know what you're thinking. Huh?! Ok, so they should have a general idea - emphasis on general - of what you do. But they shouldn't know about the specific product or service you're promoting immediately because you should lead with value.

But why can't you still be more direct? Well, let's blame it on Google. Kind of like when you Google your date! There are all kinds of things they can find out including the not so flattering stuff. 'Cause let's be honest, unless you're a newborn, you've got a past. And so does any company you're promoting if you're an affiliate marketer or network marketer. They could be the most amazing company on the planet but someone will always have something negative to say.

Do you really want your prospects seeing your company name then letting Google convince them to avoid your company because of all the negative reviews, and, in turn, avoid you? That's as tragic as wearing last season's colors. So that's an I don't think so, girlfriend.

Now that we have that covered, you've got to do a good job of letting people get to know you. So help them by answering basic questions in some of your posts like where you've lived most of your life, where you went to school, what jobs you had that led you to here. But these are top notes and basic.

Tell them about your current life. Are you single or married? Do you have a family? Pets? What are your favorite hobbies? What are we trying to do here? Humanize your profile. Think of these posts as a Netflix binge of your life but over time. People should have a sense of who you are because they can't know you, like you, or trust you, if they have no clue about you!

Next is value. Are your posts adding value to other people's lives? Are you educating them? Are you inspiring them? Are you making them laugh? You can't be mindlessly posting when you are trying to build your brand, business, and following. You've got to get a strategy.

And you really have to leave all the negativity and serious rants behind - unless it's about a struggle that can help people or inspire them to get past hurdles. The ol' days of the social media facade of having the perfect life are WAY over. Being authentic is IN. And don't expect that to go out like last season's washed out, pilled bikinis. Because it won't - it's here to stay.

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What personal branding attributes can you highlight for your own profile?


Tarla Makaeff is a self-made entrepreneur, online business coach, digital course creator, and the copy queen. She helps creative, heart-centered female entrepreneurs start and grow their purpose-filled business online.

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