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Social media is all about engagement. But I truly feel some of that gets lost altogether on the Gram, in particular. It's been my experience that most people tend to focus much more on building relationships on Facebook than on Instagram yet they want the big numbers on IG. Go figure, boo.

So here are some tips for fostering a loyal following on the Gram which goes beyond liking posts. These three tips will have you building your audience in no time! And they are things that a lot of Instagrammers aren't doing, unless they're in the know. Lucky you ;)

1) Spend 10-15 minutes morning and night and go to other people's pages in your newsfeed and start commenting with something of appreciation and/or value. It should be at least a few words (duh!), genuine, and include some emojis (kissy face, pretty please). It's ideal if they are people in your target audience - they really should be if you are building your Instagram properly.

2) Go to major influencers' pages in your industry and start commenting there. You'll get tons of visibility and exposure. Add something to what they said or reaffirm it. Say something brag-worthy, boo...not about you of course but something so insightful that it will shine a light on you, 'lil Miss Superstar. Others who see you are offering valuable insight will likely start following you. Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone, and Marie Forleo are examples of influencers in the online marketing niche.

3) Anyone who comments on your post (within reason unless you have hundreds of comments), start sending each of them DM's telling them you appreciate the comment or that they liked your post. Be friendly and establish a deeper relationship. Don't sell them. Mais non! Getting in people's inboxes could result in sales, a partnership or collaboration among other things so do it the right way.

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