Life Coaching For Happiness And Forgiveness

Self-love is the cornerstone of experiencing a fulfilling life. And the art of happiness and forgiveness are the two keys to usher yourself into a transformative state of purposeful living.

I understand this journey better than I'd like to admit.

I lost a tremendous amount of my happiness at the age of 1 when my dad died. It was the first time in my life that I experienced depression which followed me through my life. And then when my mom died when I was an adult, I did not think I'd be able to go on. For a time, I didn't want to. Mentally, I was depleted. Physically, I was exhausted. I was a shell of my former self in every aspect.

But it's through the unconditional love of a little puppy that I rediscovered pure happiness and joy. I then went on a journey of self discovery and self care, choosing to forgive the people who weren't there for me when my mom was dying. I felt a freedom like I've never felt before.

I've personally experienced that the stress of unhappiness and holding on to unforgiveness is not only harmful to your emotional and mental health but also your physical health. And in the book Take Control Of Your Cancer Risk, Dr. John Whyte, an MD and Chief Medical Officer of WebMD agrees. He says the key to reducing stress is to practice gratitude and forgiveness. So while it's tempting to think working on yourself can wait, self-love is vital to staying healthy in more than your mind, it's equally vital to prolonging the longevity of your body and your life.

But isn't a positive mindset alone enough to change your life? No, it's not. This is the lie of toxic positivity sold to us by many in the coaching industry. The truth is you need to emotionally heal before you can ever have the right mindset. And you have to have the right mindset before you can ever manifest anything you desire in your life. It all starts with emotional healing, and emotional healing starts with YOU. That means processing negative feelings - not repressing them - so you can transform them. This requires deep, introspective, and thoughtful work.

You can unleash happiness by releasing limiting beliefs, rewiring for joy, and rewriting your story with a frame of gratitude. And you can release forgiveness by seeing other points of view, banishing judgment, and letting go of your own inner victim. You can move from self-sabotage to self-love.

No matter where you are right now in this moment, you can reclaim your happiness again and you can find forgiveness. You can become the best version of yourself - the you you've always wanted to be. You can find the self compassion and compassion for others that is the foundation of self love. And I'd love to help you do that.

2022 is coming, and it's time to start thinking about that self care resolution, the one you make every new year. Imagine what it would feel like to find peace and calm in your spirit every day of the year. Pre-emptively shifting to a place of gratitude. Reclaiming your personal power. Embodying unconditional love. That's what I want for you in 2022.

As a certified life coach specializing in self love with an emphasis on happiness and forgiveness, and for a limited time, I'm taking on my first clients at a deeply discounted rate for my 3 month program. If you are called to enroll deep within your heart and willing to do the not always so pretty but immensely fulfilling work for lasting transformation, I would love to coach you.

For all of the details on my "Self-Sabotage To Self-Love" program and to apply for a complimentary Self-Love Assessment and consultation call, click here.

What does self-love mean to you?






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