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When you are promoting your business on social media, it's about so much more than just sharing your weight loss shakes, skincare, or health supplements. It's about sharing who you are and your personal story.  

You're here on this earth to make an impact. You're here to help not just sell. Thinking any other way is limiting yourself and your audience. You have a massive platform through social media that you need to use to uplift others. It goes well beyond your business and products or services. Think about celebrities and how they use their platform to spread messages and do good. So should you, love.

And the result? You'll actually gain more business in the end because people will connect with you on a much deeper level. They'll see you as a real person not just a salesperson.

Here's an example of just this. I wrote a personal story about being a caregiver to my mom on Facebook and shared it in a few caregiving groups. Within hours it received hundreds of comments and likes. In fact, it took almost 2 full days to respond to everyone. That's how many comments I got. Messages sounded like the interest of privacy of members of these groups, I'm not using their names:

"EVERYTHING you've explained I am currently going through, but with BOTH parents. You're words have deeply touched me and I'm so grateful that you shared this. Love to you, triumphant angel. ❤️"

"You are a beautiful human being!"

"Thank you so much for taking the time to tell your story and post it for so many of us that are struggling with the exact same things you described. God bless you are young and beautiful and now have your life ahead of you sending love and good thoughts <3"

"You are such a very good daughter God bless you and i salute you for taking care of your mom..."

"So awesome. You should share this with every Alzheimer's group, magazine and mental health group you can find"

"I'm sure while going through the valley you never thought you would climb out, but God placed you high on top the mountain to soar with the eagles. What a testimony of love for your mom. I am praying I can have half of your courage and strength. Blessings to you for sharing this encouraging word."

They went on and on. I actually took screenshots of these messages for days I needed cheering up when I was feeling down as a reminder I have made an impact on other people, and I have a purpose here. But I'm not alone in that, you have an impact to make on other people but the question is, are you? And if not, why are you keeping those stories to yourself? Is your fear really greater than helping others, bae? Tell me it isn't so...

When you share your personal story - and we all have one whether or not we think we do - your pain serves to help others. Your trials and tribulations are useless and have no meaning unless you USE them to inspire others that they too can make it through. People then start following you not just because of a product or service but because of a movement. 

On suggestions in these groups, I did submit my post to a few sites and it was posted online yesterday at the Caregiver Space. You can read it here. As a guest author, they offered me a byline which I took. Just the next day, I am being contacted on Facebook by people who read my article on the caregiving web site.

That's the power of sharing your personal story.  

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