My Favorite Part Of Being An Online Entrepreneur

Written by Tarla Makaeff

There are so many things I love about working online. But my two favorite are email marketing and funnels, and this is exactly how to make a living without working a 9 to 5 job.

The email marketing probably comes as no surprise to anyone who knows that I was a direct response copywriter in my previous career. Clients paid me, and they paid me incredibly well, to write their DM materials including emails.

I love emails because you can make them conversational, share stories of your life, and tie them back to business. If you do them right, it feels like a note from a BFF, and people want to read them. It helps establish a personal relationship with your subscribers, one you can't get when talking to the masses on social media.

And the fact that you can pre-program these emails to go out at any hour without you needing to near your computer is seriously the icing on the (chocolate) cake.

My love of emails closely ties with funnels - also known as sales pages. While many people fear them because they're typically lengthy, they're actually really fun to write once you have a formula. And they're so liberating because, if compelling enough, the page does the work for you when you're not working.

Now, I won't lie and tell you that I'm not lazy. I love to lounge! That doesn't mean I'm not a hard worker or go getter, but I prefer to do the least amount of work possible. That's why I'm obsessed with copywriting. And therein lies the key to how to make money using email marketing.

Once you know how to write copy, your world online totally changes. You're able to sell while you sleep because your pre-written copy works for you. Over and over and over and over again. Get my free 4-day mini writing class here.

What would your funnel sell?


Tarla Makaeff is a self-made entrepreneur, online business coach, digital course creator, and the copy queen. She helps creative, heart-centered female entrepreneurs start and grow their purpose-filled business online.

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