Attracting Your Ideal Customer

You may have heard the term Attraction Marketing but other than attracting people to your social media page, you don't really know what it means. A lot of people don't really understand what it entails so I'm going to break it down for you.

Attraction marketing is simply this: your Facebook/Instagram/TikTok profile is about you. Not your business. Not your products. Not your services. It's focused on you and your personal brand. You're not trying to get people to trust your products and the services, you're trying to get them to trust you. To know you, to like you, and to trust you.

So what are you doing with attraction marketing when it comes to your social media page? The first thing is you're attracting leads. The second thing is you're going to create a relationship with those leads. The third thing is you're going to generate income from those leads.

First, what you're essentially doing is you're trying to establish yourself as an expert in whatever field you're in. If you're in fashion, beauty, or online business, you're providing information that lets other people know that you know what you're talking about, that you're a trusted source. And you're being authentic, only endorsing what you believe in. That has to come across extremely clearly.

Second, you have to show your audience that you're accessible. You have to reply to them if they inbox you or comment on your posts. You demonstrate through your live videos and your posts that you're a quality person and then you take it one step further by engaging with them.  With all this, they're going to just know that you represent a quality product. They're going to think, "this person would not lead me wrong."

And the third thing is you want to communicate and connect regularly. You don't necessarily have to have a regular schedule, but you want to create content regularly. You don't want to do one live video or one post and then wait five weeks and then post a few other things. You have to be there just like a TV program. You tune into The Talk or Dr. Phil and they're there every day, right? At a certain time of the day. So it has to be the same way with your audience. At least if they know to expect to hear from you every few days - it doesn't have to be timed perfectly - they'll feel they can rely on you being there and then trust you. They're not going to trust you if you make some videos or posts and you disappear for a month, unless you let them know, "hey, I'm going on a vacation," but you still never want to disappear for a month.

You also do not want to do sales pitches on your live videos and even on your page. You want to speak to your audience in a direct and personal way just as though you're talking to someone in your living room. You want to be intentional. Help educate your audience if they're not aware of certain topics and provide free content of value. And when do that, people are going to friend request you and follow you simply because they're getting something for free that's valuable. You might be thinking, "well, why should I be giving all these tips away for free? Why should I be doing all these videos? I'm not earning income yet. Why am I doing this?" You're doing it to build your following, create relationships, and make connections with people in order to monetize your platform in the long run. It's also fun and rewarding to help other people. If you know a lot about a topic - whatever it is - don't you like sharing that knowledge with other people? Because it just helps other people grow and learn. There are definitely things people can teach me. And there are things I know that I can teach other people.

If you're not getting at least several friend requests a day, you're doing something wrong because people should be seeing your videos. That's how you know that your attraction marketing is working. You can share your videos in relevant Facebook groups where your ideal customer would be. Your audience should be finding you, be so enamored with whatever you're sharing with them that they're convinced they need to follow you and friend you because they don't want to miss out on the next time that you post something.

So that's a basic overview of attraction marketing. You're attracting people to you through providing them with value. Then because of that, you're generating leads indirectly. These people are going to know, like, and trust you. Eventually somewhere down the line, they may buy from you or they may not. And that's okay too. But they're going to stick with you if they share the same values and agree with what you're saying. You might have a certain political position or religious affiliation that you mention. Those are strong, polarizing topics. If you talk about them on your page and people don't have the same opinion you do, they're just not going to follow you, right? But that's okay because you want to repel them and be around people that like you and have things in common with you. That's how you attract the right clients that will become your biggest fans.

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Have you tried attraction marketing using Facebook groups?

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