4 Tips For Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Written by Tarla Makaeff


I've battled with Imposter Syndrome. 

But so has...

Jennifer Lopez who admitted that she's insecure about her voice despite having sold millions of albums.

Amy Schumer who felt like she was just a visitor in Hollywood and they were all playing a big trick on her.

Padma Lakshmi who felt self-conscious because she had no restaurant cooking experience when she started hosting Top Chef.

Barbara Corcoran who felt like a fraud when she sold her business for $60+ million.

Maya Angelou who confessed she felt like she was running a game on everybody and would be found out every time she wrote a book despite being a literary legend.

So I'm in good company, and if you've ever felt this way too... you are as well, love.

In fact, the more successful you are, the more you're likely to feel Imposter Syndrome.

It's this feeling of doubt, of being unqualified, and of being a fraud! You think someone is going to discover the secret, out you, and boot you!

But the real secret is that none of it is true. At all.

So here are four tips to overcoming Imposter Syndrome so you can stay grounded and keep looking forward.

Remind yourself to...

1. Never forget you are worthy.

Even when you don't feel you belong somewhere, you have intrinsic value that no one, no judgment, no comment can take away from you.

Someone at some point saw your value. You didn't accidentally find yourself a successful woman. You worked to get there. You created the success, status, and reputation you have. You earned it, girl!

2. Remember your heart's desires are there for a reason.

There is a purpose to your existence here. And it's the reason you have these desires burning within you. This is the life you were meant to live. So it's imperative you lean into that calling.

When you continue on your destined path even if at times you feel uncertain, you will find clarity through action which will lead to more and more confidence. 

This dream that tugs at your soul, this is what you've prayed for. Remember that every time you feel overwhelmed.

3. Stop looking at everyone else.

She doesn't have it any more figured out or together than you do. Nor does she. It looks like all she experiences is success, but you don't see her doubts, uncertainties, or even failures... especially when she's posting on social media. Because it's often that highlight reel (yawn), the one that seems like life is magical from morning to night.

Sure, at the very end of all the hard work, wanting to throw her Mac out the window, and crying herself to sleep some nights does it look easy. But you didn't see all those chapters in the middle. You didn't see the before part of that "overnight" success story. And now you're just seeing an external presentation of her life, not her internal feelings, thoughts, and fears.

And meanwhile, while you're sending silent adulation her way, she's wondering when she'll be found out at any second.

So measure yourself against yourself and the progress you've made in your own life. Where were you 10 years ago? 5 years ago? 1 year ago? Start making a list of everything you've done and accomplished, and you will be quite surprised when you see it on paper. Because I guarantee it's longer than you think!

4. Recognize every failure as an opportunity.

Yes, every time you f up, you've actually succeeded. Because you've tried something and found the wrong way to do it, leading you down the path to the right way - if you just haven't given up. And that is crazy invaluable. 

No one was handed an instruction manual coming into this world on a way of doing things that would involve no pitfalls, no challenges, and no struggles. And that's great - because those struggles are your stories. And those stories are your content. And that content is the reason why someone will love you above anyone else who might do something similar to you. 

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Have you ever battled Imposter Syndrome?


Tarla Makaeff is a self-made entrepreneur, online business coach, digital course creator, and the copy queen. She helps creative, heart-centered female entrepreneurs start and grow their purpose-filled business online.

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