What Do You Post On Facebook?

If you're starting an online business, you might be wondering what should you put on your Facebook personal profile page other than live videos?

This is how I want you to think about your page. In five seconds, if somebody came to your profile page, other than reading some title that you might have on there about yourself, would they be able to know what you do? Would they have some clue - if not about what you do - then about who you are as a person, if they did a quick scroll down your page? And if they wouldn't, then you're probably not relaying your message well enough.

There are different schools of thought on this. There's attraction marketing, and there's curiosity marketing. So you might write every five to seven posts on your business. And you might post a lot of inspirational things. Then someone would have some idea of what kind of person you are and a sense of what you do for a living. And that's the first and most important thing. I want you to think of your personal profile as the book of your life. Imagine that this was a book on your life that someone was publishing. If you scroll down your entire profile up until the the time you started, would that give an idea about who you are? If you're forwarding recipes or random topics that have no direction, people won't know who you are. You're just going to be another person forwarding those types of articles. You want any content you share to be specific to you.

In terms of look, think of this as an advertisement. When we're watching movies in movie theaters or on Netflix, the editing is so fast, it's crazy. So if you go back and watch old shows like I Love Lucy, everything seems so slow to us because back then there was no fast editing. Everything is about quick moving visuals now. If you use apps, you can make some of your pictures have cool effects like flashing, falling confetti or floating elements - anything to catch someone's eye.

If you think of a modern day TV show versus again an older black and white TV show, the latter is just boring to look at. If your page has a lot of white space with just text, no one is drawn to that. I'm going to keep going back to someone's page where they have a lot going on visually because it just catches my eye. In real life whether we love to admit it or not, we know the first thing we notice is someone's appearance. It's the same thing for your profile. The first thing they notice is what it looks like. So make sure your profile photo is of you and your cover photo is either about something inspirational or business oriented if you want to be taken seriously.

What are the posts that you want to make? You want to make inspirational posts as people online are drawn to a positive mindset. And it's super easy to do. You can just Google inspirational quotes from different leaders like Oprah or Gandhi and put those on your page. You can dress them up and create art around them with some apps. Or you can literally just put them in a colored box you can easily select right off of Facebook. It's nice to repeat the same color or couple of colors that are in your brand color family because it makes it you. And it helps your content pop out on your page with a bit of color.

And then - I don't recommend this all the time because you do want people to take you seriously - but maybe every ten posts or so, throw in something funny. I do this because I have a sense of humor and people tell me I'm funny in real life. Make sure if you go this route, it's reflective of your personality.

People don't want to see negativity so don't go on any rants. Don't start by saying how you lost your cat, your job, your boyfriend. Don't don't do any of that if you're serious about online business. There is one exception though. I want you to be authentic. So every now and then if there's something that can help other people, talk about it. For example, I did a couple videos on depression and grieving my mom's death because I was giving my audience tips about a form of therapy that a lot of people don't know about that's helped me. People know we are human and imperfect so never try to act like that's not the case and put on a facade of rainbows and lollipops. People will see right through you, and then unfollow you.

In general, your profile should be 95% positive. But there are things you can throw in there that are realistic to your life. People will find you more relatable because everybody has problems. If you look at someone's profile and it's 100% positive and there's never anything sad or negative, it means they're a robot. They're an alien. They're not human. Because that simply doesn't exist. Everyone, no matter how rich or poor, has problems.

You can talk about your hobbies. Let's say you're really into cars like me. So you might go to the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in California. You can post about that. If you love makeup, you can do makeup videos - which I personally love to do. You can create content on whatever is a real life hobby. If you go to the gym, you can talk about just finishing a workout and show a couple of exercises. Your content doesn't have to be only about business because you are a person. So you do want to add some hobbies, along with the inspiration and more business related content.

Where your business is concerned, do not to talk too much about it where it becomes a hard sales pitch with your link all over it. You can simply say: "drop an emoji below" or "inbox me for details." You can talk about your industry and give informative stats. You just don't want your page plastered from beginning to end where your profile comes off as an infomercial. You don't want a cover photo, posts, and videos all on your business all of the time making your profile looking like commercials on TV. You know how now we DVR through them and we just fast forward because we don't want to see the commercials. That's what your page is going to be like to people who browsing Facebook. You're going to be like the commercials that nobody wants to see. And they're going to turn away from your page. So make it sparse - no more than 20% of your content outside of a launch - and make sure it isn't pushy.

When you do create live videos on your business, it needs to be general, helpful business information similar to what I'm doing right here in this blog post - meaning it's specific to how you can help your audience, but you're not pitching your product. You're not even talking about your business or if you are, it is just a quick mention at the end to pick up something free or that's just a few dollars. As a professional in your business, you've learned things like different philosophies or strategies from being in that business. Use those pieces of knowledge that you've picked up to share with your audience. 

Even if you don't have a lot of experience, there's always someone who has less experience than you. Of course, there's also people with more experience, but just share what you know. You're going to attract the right following based on wherever you're at. The more that you progress, the more you're going to likely want to share that information and probably attract people who are further along in their journey. It's up to you.

So be inspirational in about 80% of your page, be funny on occasion, and share your hobbies. Think of this as a non-ad - you're indirectly advertising so make your page look good. Make it colorful so people want to come to your page. Think of this as the book of your life, and remember that people are going to decide in five seconds whether to stay or scroll the same way they can flip their TV channel.

We make decisions so fast, and we make more than 35,000 decisions a day. So people are overwhelmed. They don't want to spend an hour going through your profile to figure out if you're the type of person they want to follow. They just want to see right away that you could be, and then they'll immediately follow you or friend request you.

The reason people will follow you and buy from you is because they see you're a real person. They're going to like some aspect of your personality. They're going to maybe relate to some of your personal challenges. They're going to like your inspirational messages. They're going to like you as a person. 

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