What I Wish I Had Done Sooner In My Business

Written by Tarla Makaeff

I try not to regret any of my decisions because I know, in the end, they're what led me on the path that I'm on. 

Of course, I could say I wished I had started an online business sooner. Because had I done that, I'd be further along than I already am. But I also wouldn't have met the same people or probably stumbled upon the path that I'm on now.

I could also say I wish I had created an email list sooner... I mean, hello, that is how I made an epic living before I came online - writing emails for the big brands. Because had I done that, I would have a bigger email list than I do now. But I also wouldn't have gained the social media experience I did.

I could also say I wish I would have started creating digital products from the beginning. Because had I done that, I would have more been able to impact more women's lives by now. But I also wouldn't have had the experiences that caused me to find my true calling.

But I don't want to spend my precious moments thinking about some alternate universe that doesn't currently exist. I want to live in the here and now because I know those "mistakes" were lessons in disguise to save me from even bigger mistakes down the road.

Still, there are some things I know I can share with you that will make a difference in your journey online. I want to save you the time I didn't by sharing some things I wish I'd done differently when I started pursuing online business.

It's natural when you come online that you're unsure of what you're going to do. You just know that you want to change your life and impact so many more than you could in a corporate career.

Go with your gut. I bought a course on creating digital courses back in December 2016 which was shortly before I came online in spring 2017. I felt overwhelmed and got redirected to a network marketing beauty business which was an over 2 year departure from what I really wanted to be doing. It's only in December 2019 that I finally released my first digital product, my book, and October 2020 that I finally released my first digital course and simultaneously got certified as a coach. That means I've only been pursuing my true path for 2 years now online even though I've been online for 5. So trust your instincts, do what you really want, and fight the fear to take an easier path because you can't get back that time.

Access speed. Use it to your advantage. I have perfectionist tendencies like so many women out there. But when you're all about being perfect, you get results slower, particularly when you're just starting. Now, I'm still one for putting your best stiletto forward ;) But piggybacking on what I just mentioned, do not let time become an enemy. You're not on anyone's schedule but your own. Still, the sooner you can put out your products or services, the faster you can test your ideas, refine them, and monetize them.

Don't live with regret. It's all too easy to say "I should have done this, I should have done that" especially if you have friends or family pointing the same thing out. It's hard enough to pour into your own cup when you are building a business without having to deal with unsolicited opinions and criticism. Just ignore it all. Follow your heart. Know that those who think you've made mistakes are mistaken. You have grown, you have learned, and you now have even more knowledge to share with others.

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What action can you take in your online business today?


Tarla Makaeff is a self-made entrepreneur, online business coach, digital course creator, and the copy queen. She helps creative, heart-centered female entrepreneurs start and grow their purpose-filled business online.

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