How I Started My Online Business

Prior to coming online, I was a successful copywriter for 13 years. 

The transition from $55k a year marketing agency copywriter to $325k a year freelance copywriter was relatively effortless. I didn't know the meaning of the "entrepreneurial struggle." 
Coming online though, omg! Finally, I understood how the #thestruggleisreal. But I still had to keep moving forward in my quest for total lifestyle freedom.
I was stunned by how much there was to know and realized no one was teaching it all, comprehensively in one place. 
What's more, I saw so many boss babes like me with incredible talents and skills to share with the world also not able to get to the next level online.  
Once I was able to crack the "secret code" my passion became helping badass women like you create an online business that earns them money, freedom, and fulfillment.
See, like I mentioned...
I was just like you when I started online.
While I came from the offline world as a professional copywriter, shhh, can I tell you a secret? I didn’t know much about social media. 
I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true. The writing I did was direct mail for businesses. It was traditional old-school marketing that had really nothing to do with modern-day online marketing. 
So you might think my marketing background would have made it easier for me to begin online, but it didn’t.
In fact, at first, I failed. Miserably. Like a bad version of a shopping channel.
I was taught to spam people by dropping links everywhere, talking about products ad nauseam on my social media profiles, and inboxing unsuspecting victims. Just kidding...I wish.
Yes, let’s call it like it is. I was NOT killing it, except for maybe the cool vibe that legit did not exist anywhere on my profiles. Social media was not my marketing BFF. 
But...I was “marketing” the WRONG way. 
And the sad, soul-sucking part? 
I STILL see it every single freakin’ day, girlfran.’ 
There are still droves of unbelievably talented women who don’t understand how to market online.
After embarrassing myself in front of friends on social media for nearly 9 months, I finally got the training I had so desperately needed...all sans the spam! 
And that's where the magic happened.
Just 16 months after that, I was able to amass over 120,000 followers and subscribers across social media and email.
I went from…
4 Facebook personal profile follows to 4,800.
A non-existent FB page to 85,000 follows.
No Instagram followers to 17,000.
I unlocked the secret to gaining people’s attention and (hint) it didn’t include pitching them like the annoying AF guy who won’t leave you alone ‘til you go out with him.
I discovered how to attract people to me and it was a pretty awesome feeling (not to mention, waaayyy easier).
That’s the pure gold of social media used the right way.
And today this exposure has allowed me to concentrate my efforts where I choose: on my growing email list - so I don't have to spend much time on social media.
But my story actually started many years before this. There was a desire in my heart for magical things to happen one day in my life.
You see...
I was also just like you when I was a little girl. I had hopes, wishes, and dreams too.
You know deep down in your heart you had your own dreams, and they didn’t involve building someone else’s empire.
What were they, love? How were you going to change the world?
I was painfully shy yet a natural born entertainer and always felt I had a voice that that was meant to be used. 
I just had no idea I'd be on live video as an online entrepreneur instead of live TV as a news broadcaster - but given there was no Internet at the time, I was pretty spot on. 
Here I am today "reporting the news" of how to monetize social media and living that little girl's dreams.
But are you living yours? Because it's never too late, and forever is far too long to wait. You have a voice - one that was meant to be heard.
Ready to bring home the prosciutto and make that little girl proud? Let's go! Check out my 139 page book The Essential Guide To Your First Month Of Online Marketing - it will literally put you ahead of 99.9% of the newbies coming online.
What are your dreams for your online business?

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