About "T"

I’m Tarla (but you can call me T), a Los Angeles based bestselling author, coach, course creator, and hypnotherapist.

Today, I share how to design a limitless life through online business know-how and self love savoir-faire.

Once upon a time, I cried my way to success (yes, really) in a moment of sheer serendipity…

At the age of 22, I met my future boss at no other than - wait for it - a soap opera acting class. (So LA, I know). In between dramatic tears and epic catfight stares, little did I know I was carving a path to a marketing career while making the most of that Pre-Med turned Film and then English degree - as a copywriter. Years later after that chance meeting, another agency job, and writing for Hollywood studios and Fortune 500 companies, I went freelance quickly evolving into a 7 figure brand. This afforded me the opportunity to self-fund my own footwear and handbag lines and travel to Brazil, Thailand, and Italy for production. 

Tarla Couture in COAST magazine

Tarla on red carpet

Now, I use that copywriting and creative business experience to teach badass women how to create their own empire online - as well channel deep self belief to manifest their wildest dreams.

But it wasn’t always like this… I was painfully shy as a child.

I would never have guessed as an introvert who couldn’t say hello to neighbors I would go on to love live video (hello, social media) - but then again, there were some indications. Not only did my dad become my personal paparazzi but I’d sit in a bottom kitchen drawer, hold a wooden spoon up to my mouth, and pretend like I was reporting the news. I lost my dad at 1, but with my mom’s love and my exuberant energy bubbling underneath, it’s no wonder this part of my personality was peeking out.

Tarla as a child

And now that my mom’s gone too, I miss her every day, but I remind myself life is short and to channel that inner little girl's spirit so I don’t waste a freakin’ minute on this planet.

Tarla as a child

At the moment...

You couldn't shut me up if you wanted to other than when I’m intently glued to Vanderpump Rules. But seriously, I think I made up for lost time. I'm continuing to put that voice to good use from pen and paper as a writer to now audio as a coach and hypnotherapist.

I inherited my mom’s kindness and servant heart that oozed out of her RN work into her day to day life as well as my dad’s fun loving, outgoing nature and risk-taking entrepreneurial spirit as an inventor. And voila, here I am to share the love with you, mixing down-to-earth LA native vibes with left brain strategy and right brain personal development. 

Tarla Makaeff

And here's how it all started...


Went freelance as a copywriter

Built a 3,000+ project portfolio

Became a 7 figure brand

Earned clients 8-9 figures in revenue

Developed my first footwear line

Tarla modeling her shoes


Became a caregiver for my mom

Welcomed my puggle Bentley

Created my second footwear line and added a handbag line

My shoes appeared on catwalks, at the Emmy’s, on HBO, and in the media

Represented the Italian Trade Commission of New York as a US delegate in Milan

Started fit modeling and booked my first out of state gig and $7,500 weekend

My dog Bentley


Pursued self healing after losing my mom

Welcomed my puggle Jaden

Bought my first online course

Built an audience of 120,000+ across social media and email

Wrote my book: The Essential Guide To Your First Month Of Online Marketing

Launched my first digital course: Social Star

Got my first life coach certification

My dog Jaden


Appeared in LA Weekly, New York Weekly, and Bloomberg

Served hundreds of entrepreneurs

Got certified as a hypnotherapist through Marisa Peer

Became a bestselling author

Tarla Makaeff in LA Weekly

A few other interesting facts about me

  • I have shoes and handbags with my name on them (it pays to have your own line!)
  • I once was a body double on the CBS soap The Bold And The Beautiful in one of the greatest soap opera catfights of all time
  • I'm way more into one-on-one conversations rather than group gatherings
  • Some of those jeans hanging on racks in the store, they were modeled after my "assets" thanks to my fit modeling days...and agent
  • I have Pilates and yoga certifications so need some advice on health/wellness and meditation? That's included at no charge! Namaste
  • I've been known to have premonitions in my own life that came true
  • I said no to a $1 million investment offer for my shoe line without flinching because it just didn't feel right
  • I'm obsessed with cars which kind of makes sense since my father was Carroll Shelby's production manager
Tarla in front of a Shelby Cobra
  • I'm fearless in front of a camera; not so much on a stage!
  • I was approached by a studio producer to be a cast member of a fashion based reality TV show but I declined 
  • I am a night owl so while you're sleeping, I'm concocting fabulous ideas for your next direct marketing campaign (well, I used to be...now I'm teaching you how to write your own copy in my Iconic Copy course coming soon)!

P.S. - Wanna get started asap? I got you! My free gifts like my Pure Self Love hypnosis recording and Your Social Media Debut course have your name all over them. Get them here.

P.P.S - Some of my favorite things: anything dark chocolate, Nancy Meyers films, champagne, crying laughing until it hurts, talking to random people in lines, and Disneyland at Halloween.

Tarla as a child