Business Coaching

Do you dream of having your own digital course or coaching program?

Have you fantasized about having your own digital course?

  • Do you aspire to touch thousands of lives with your special gifts and your message?

  • Does the idea of creating a digital product once and selling it forever on repeat appeal to you? 

  • Are you feeling financially limited in your current business?

  • Do you want to wake up to daily pings with payments coming in while you get your beauty sleep?

Have you always yearned to be a coach?

  • Do you long for a career that makes on impact on others' lives while giving meaning to your own?
  • Are you ready to earn the income you deserve while serving people all over the world and stepping into your true purpose?
  • Do you desire to use your talents, skills, and knowledge to help others while creating your own schedule?

Finally... are you dreaming of increasing your authority in your industry through book deals, speaking gigs, and so many other exciting ventures?

Then I'd love to introduce you to my coaching program because there's no better way to do that than becoming a course creator or coach. 

I believe it's no coincidence you landed on this page.

Because I know what it's like to not truly love what you do and be stuck in a thankless job, working 9-5.

It's only after I took a chance on myself and made one call that changed my life and started my journey as a marketing entrepreneur where I felt liberated and increased my income many times over netting me a lifetime 7 figure business.

Today, as a social media entrepreneur with a digital book, digital courses, and a coaching program, I live a life where I get to help women all over the world create an online business. I make more impact in the world than I ever thought possible.

And now, I'm here to help you do the same and turn your passion into purpose. 

I help creative, heart centered fempreneurs like you build their dream online brand, business, and following without the frustration, overwhelm, or flat out tears. As a business coach and certified life coach specializing in self love, I coach with compassion, understanding, heart, and a little humor sometimes too. Think of it as having a latte with your BFF - except you'll bring your notepad or laptop to take notes.

Women I work with are those who are interested in creating either a low ticket digital product with a product suite of courses or a high ticket coaching business - from how to pre-sell and launch, create your email list and grow it, make sales with the newest strategies, and develop funnels to sell on repeat 24/7 both organically and with paid ads.

My "Market Like A Maven" 3 month coaching package (9 sessions) was designed to help you:

Create a digital course by...

  • Picking your course topic
  • Getting clear on your ideal customer
  • Naming and pricing your course
  • Validating your idea and pre-selling
  • Outlining, structuring, and recording your course
  • Promoting your course with social media, email, webinars, and ads

Or create a coaching program by...

  • Removing limiting beliefs to get clients and charge premium pricing
  • Defining your niche and attract dream clients
  • Determining the specific end result you want your clients to achieve
  • Structuring your coaching offering
  • Creating a supportive environment for your clients

My "Blow Up Your Brand" 6 month coaching package (18 sessions) was designed to help you:

Create a digital course AND coaching program or...

Create either a digital course OR coaching program AND receive self love life coaching.

Both programs give you:

  • 45 minute long sessions via phone calls three times a month 
  • Access to all digital books and courses that are released and available while working together
  • Unlimited daily Voxer text and chat support (Monday through Friday)

I love these programs and I believe deeply in this work, but I cannot ethically guarantee or warrant any type of results. Additionally, there are no refunds for coaching due to the live element. So please ask any questions and get the answers you need before you enroll.

With that said, I believe this is a priceless investment that will be totally transformative for the woman who is ready to fully embrace it. The woman who is driven by living out her passions.

Topics we can work on while creating your digital course or coaching program include:

Business focused such as Audience Growth, Brand Story, Content Creation, Conversions, Copywriting, Email Marketing, Funnels (High Ticket + Low Ticket), Lead Generation (Organic + Paid), Mindset, Personal Branding, Social Media Marketing Strategies, and Social Media Ads.

Personal focused like Life Challenges, Manifestation, Personal Relationships (Forgiveness), and Self Development (Self Love and Happiness).

Brands I've worked with in a marketing capacity include CBS, Coca-Cola, Days Inn, DreamWorks SKG, Hot Dog On A Stick, Kia Motors, Makita, New Line Cinema, Oroweat, PacifiCare (now known as United HealthCare), Sunkist, Universal Studios, and Washington Mutual.

I have limited spots available per year and usually only take on several clients at a time. And I am currently only working with a select group of clients who I feel are completely dedicated to this process, coachable, and the right match for me. The questions below will help me evaluate if we are a fit. If I believe we are, I will reach out to you via email and extend you a 25 minute consultation call for you to learn about the digital course creation and coaching program business models so you can really understand what they entail and ask me any questions before deciding to proceed forward.

If your application is approved, you will be contacted by email within 48 hours.

This is a high level investment. Serious inquiries ONLY.