Copywriting For Small Businesses

Paper and gold pen on marble slab

Does copywriting for your launches make you more stressed than 3 espressos? 

Finally, a copywriting solution so "Over Analyze" and "Self Critical" can stop being your middle names.


You came online to be a course creator and maybe even moonlight as a coach, not to be a copywriter. You're a creative, heart centered woman, and you have gifts to share with the world. Obvy.

But no one told you what copywriting even was, much less that you'd need to do it for your business. Sigh.

I mean, "what the h*ll is all this stuff?" you think, as your eyes gloss over.

"I don't have time to learn all of this yet alone actually write this thing called copy!"

You worry about creating your email welcome sequence and translating your essence into something others will understand. You know what you do, but what if it gets lost in translation?

You wonder how to pull your audience in with your signature voice and one-of-a-kind personality in the written word. Because you're not like every other course creator or coach out there.

You dread getting started and your confidence fades away faster than you can say Fashion Week. Then, the fear really kicks in and starts whispering...

"What if my emails suck and everyone unsubscribes?"

"They're not going to be engaging and interesting."

"This is not going to be good. Why bother?"

So you procrastinate. Because you're just overwhelmed with the possibilities.

Then you decide you're just going to do it. And you try. You've written some words, but they're more like disconnected thoughts. There's the second guessing. The tweaking.

And everything comes to a screeching halt... You're frozen. You're stuck. Yet you need to keep moving forward.

You want to close your eyes, click your red heels together, and leave this Land Of Copy as you proclaim, "there's no place like home" instead of staring at the blinking cursor with not enough words to even throw in the trash bin icon you're secretly eyeing in the corner.

And if you can't write a welcome sequence, how will you sell during a launch? Or create that mind boggling thing called a sales page?

"Don't even get me started," you think as you binge eat those chocolate chip cookies out of your pantry.

"I just don't like it!" you say, knowing you're not referring to the cookies.

"I'd rather just outsource this."

Who would blame you? Because your time is better spent on the things you love and leaving the emotion evoking, magical storytelling to a copywriter. 

Hey! I'm Tarla (but you can call me T), and I'm the copywriter behind the biggest brands on the planet - from Hollywood studios to the household names you've heard of. 

After starting with marketing agencies, I went freelance, becoming a 7 figure brand, while earning millions for my clients through direct response efforts - including email marketing - during my 13 year full-time copywriting career.

And now like you, I'm a digital course creator and coach.

For the last 4 years, I've seen online female entrepreneurs struggle because they're overwhelmed with the massive amounts of copy they have to create for launches.

Seriously... who wouldn't be when this is not something you've done for a living before?

I mean, there was no flashing neon sign in the Internet sky that said "Copywriting Required For Online Success."

But copywriting is the foundation of any online business and will directly impact your success or lack thereof.

And shortcuts? Fancy swipes are great and all when you're just starting out, but they'll only get you so far once you've reached a certain level.

'Cause you really can't master next level copywriting from a template.

That means there are only two options.

You need to do the damn thing and become a copywriting queen or leave it to the pros and hire one.

But you don't necessarily have the budget for an expensive pro like me.

That's where my copywriting agency comes in.

My team writes all those emails and sales pages in your brand voice so you don't have to.

Their speciality? They've all been hand selected by yours truly because they know how to craft copy specifically for course creators and coaches like you!

And they're overseen by me so you get the benefit of my experience without paying for it.

So whether you're a newer entrepreneur or have already had your first 5 figure launch, this is likely for you.

But we're not miracle workers over here (darn!) so there are a few things that you need to have in place first before we can get you results:

  • An email list you are actively growing with the right subscribers
  • strong product or service that your ideal customer is looking for
  • Some income you're already generating from your business
  • A good, down to earth attitude - we only do cool around here ;)

And if those check off, we can help you with:

  • Welcome email sequences
  • Launch email sequences
  • Sales pages

My copywriting for big brands has generated 15%+ direct response rates, 10 times the take rate on interactive efforts, and over 250% of ROI expectations.

And just a few names I've worked with include CBS, Coca-Cola, Days Inn, DreamWorks SKG, Hot Dog On A Stick, Kia Motors, Makita, New Line Cinema, Oroweat, PacifiCare (now known as United HealthCare), Sunkist, Universal Studios, and Washington Mutual.

So yeah, I don't suck at this thing called copywriting ;)

But don't just take my word for it.

And now, a word from some clients:

"For the nearly 7 years I've worked with Tarla, she has been instrumental in helping us grow our customer communications programs. As we have added products and expanded our messaging, Tarla has made a huge contribution to developing compelling creative in driving customer demand and overall retention -- creative that has effectively translated to a solid return on our investment." - Robert Jensen

"I have had the pleasure of working with Tarla for almost 5 years and she is one of the greatest creative marketing talents I've ever met. She has the unmatched ability to get inside your business and create marketing deliverables as if she worked for your company. Her depth of knowledge in our products and services was outstanding and has made her the primary choice for any project I needed help on." - Brian Benner

"I have worked with many agencies and copywriters in the past, and Tarla is absolutely the best there is. Everything she has presented to me has been top-notch, on-time and on-budget." - John DeBrincat

"Tarla is very talented, creative and knowledgeable. I have worked with her on several projects and she is always very professional and easy to work with. Tarla always has her client’s best interest in mind and works hard to ensure that everyone she works with is very satisfied." - Heather Kuss

"Tarla is one of the most creative people that I know, and I always enjoy working with her. I would recommend her for any projects that you have." - Bridget Brandt

"Tarla has been a great resource for many projects. I highly recommend her to others, and have been very satisfied with the quality of her work." - Aaron Stein

The process is simply this...

Once we decide to work together...

I send you a creative brief to fill out and return (literally everything you haven't yet thought of)...

We have an initial call to go over any questions...

My team starts writing...

And then poof! Like something out of a magic trick, your copy appears.

Or if you'd rather a consult 'cause dang it, you want to learn to do your copy yourself, we do that with a Copy Coaching session with moi ;)

To get this process rolling...

The questions below will help me evaluate if and where we can help you. 

I will review it as soon as I can, and if it's a fit, I will reach out by email and schedule a call for us to further discuss your project.

Fill out the application below to apply to work with my agency: