"First off I want to say how are you giving all this amazing/useful information away for free?! Like seriously! Often (I find anyway) when people offer something 'for free' more often then not there seems to be a catch to it...something that you have to buy to get access to the free info or some wild goose chase set of instructions you have to follow to get it.

Not only did a look forward to 'The Cool Girl Instagram Challenge Guide' getting sent to me so I could learn something new but I also enjoyed reading her emails. Tarla has a way of drawing you in with her writing in a fun easy to follow relatable way. You feel like your opening an email from your bestie that you haven’t talked to in weeks and she’s filling you in on the latest!

As a network marketer I have paid for training and learned a lot from a lot of different masters in the profession. Tarla knows what she’s talking about, she’s the real deal. I will be using Tarla’s tips, wisdom and insight to not only implement myself but also use to train my team. Value galore! Tarla thank you so much!"

- Vanessa Seidel Brooks on The 7-Day Cool Girl Instagram Challenge Guide


"Just downloaded your Facebook content guide! It's awesome!! Thank you for all your goodness. I'm working to shift my brand some...this guide is super helpful."

- Lisa Mustard on The Boss Babe Facebook Content Guide 


“The free resource I received was very well put together! I found a lot of stats to be helpful and some good basic pointers for a social platform I’m looking to grow! Why haven’t I started using this platform sooner! Thank you Tarla Makaeff!!”

- Mitchell Heberer on The Six Figure Secret Report 


"Being new to Pinterest, I learned so much from Tarla’s tips! I feel like she opened a whole new world for me. I appreciate her taking the time to make a guide for all of us. If you’re not currently following Tarla on Facebook, I suggest you do so!"

- Georgia Yaugo Pinto on The Pin It Girl Pinterest Guide


"I am slowly finding good time to go through your content. I'm going to start being an InstaBoss soon. I feel it."

- Rhys Robinson on Free Instagram training


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