Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have no experience online?
You can get started today as an online entrepreneur without already having any knowledge or anything to sell online (NO product required, nada!). 
I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything I'm going to learn and need to implement, can I really do this?
Yes, you can! This is something new. It's normal to feel nervous or have doubts at first. We all have fears and often we self-sabotage before even getting started. But what else have you questioned you could do but ended up succeeding at? 
What if I don't have a business idea?
You don't need an existing idea to start. You can quickly find an exciting idea that lights you up through your existing talents and skills or develop them through educating yourself while you learn online. So you can get immediately started on your business instead of idly dreaming about it for weeks, months, or even yeeeeeears.
Will going online work for my existing business? 
If you sell a product or service in ANY field (blogger, copywriter, health and wellness coach, interior designer, event planner, stylist, yoga instructor, or makeup artist etc.), and want to get more clients and make more sales… going online is for you.
Do I need existing tech skills to build an online business?
No, not at all. And I get it! I'm not a techie either ;) I know at first the learning curve can seem steep. While tech is a part of online business, there are plenty of user-friendly tools, software, and platforms you CAN use. It's just a matter of following steps.
Can you guarantee specific results?
I can't promise you any specific results as I have no idea as to your background, capabilities, or even mindset. In fact, no one can promise you results anywhere and if they do, you should run for the hills! Online business is challenging and will require perseverance. You must know that all success entails risk despite consistent and massive effort and action (and that there are no guarantees of results or income). 
Why are you sharing all of your online business secrets?
I don't believe this information should just be reserved for the "lucky ones." I believe any woman who's a creative visionary looking to leave her beautiful mark on the world should have access to it. I made it my mission that one day I would pay it forward and help others who like me made the courageous choice to seek freedom instead of building someone else’s dream.