Life Coaching

Are you ready for self love like you've never experienced before?

Do you want to do the damn thing already?

  • Are you eagerly motivated to find the happiness that seems to have alluded you for so long?

  • Would you love to find freedom in forgiving yourself and anyone who has ever hurt you?

  • Does making a long-term mindset shift through finding a fresh perspective sound appealing to you? 
  • Are you ready for finding a new inner guidance where you can celebrate the queen that you really are each and every day?

Then I'd love to invite you to my self love coaching program. 

You see, I'm confident that the universe brought you here.

Whether you're on this page because you're looking to emotionally heal for personal reasons or business endeavors (business is 80% mindset), I support you.

Because I know what it's like to not be truly happy and hold onto unforgiveness.

Since childhood, depression surrounded me. From the loss of my dad at 1, my sadness was visceral. My formative years were replete with my mom's sheer anxiety and utter depression... emotions that I absorbed and found to be my new normal.

Later in my life, when my mom suffered a heart attack and I became her caregiver, I spent years on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety pills trying to mask the deep emotional trauma of abandonment I felt that only worsened when our extended family all but seemingly disappeared during the 6 years I tended to my mom.

The culmination of my extreme despair and disinterest in continuing to go on was the moment my mom died.

But it's a little puppy who became my angel and saved my life when I brought her home to bring joy back to my life and my dog's. I rediscovered happiness in those small moments of the sweetest bark, the warmest cuddle, and the biggest kiss.

It's only after I spent time finally focusing on self discovery and self care that I could let these band-aids of medication go and return to more of my actual homeostasis of happiness. I chose to forgive the people who weren't there for me when I needed them the most, and I felt a freedom like I've never felt before.

I've found ways to transform my pain to power.

Know that I understand emotional pain, grief, loneliness, loss, abandonment, worry, fear, anxiety, and depression… but I also understand how we can transform our minds and our emotions through harnessing the power of neural plasticity to live a much more joy filled and fulfilling life.

It's never a perfect journey nor would I claim it be because I'm human, but I've discovered ways to reprogram my thinking patterns.

I now choose to look at the glass half full rather than half empty.  

I now choose to see the joy in life.

I now choose to let go of the anger of unforgiveness.

I invite you to do the same.

I help empathetic, spiritual women like you get back in touch with who they really are - a pure, beautiful source of feminine energy. As a certified life coach specializing in self love, I coach with compassion, love, and vulnerability. 

Women I work with are those who are interested in being the best versions of themselves, elevating their lives, and moving past the unworthiness to self compassion and compassion for others - the foundation of self love.

My "Self-Sabotage To Self-Love" 3 month coaching package (9 sessions) was designed to help you:

Unleash happiness by...

  • Reflecting on what you believe will create more happiness in your life and why you believe it
  • Releasing limiting beliefs that hold you back from achieving your fullest potential and experiencing joy
  • Discovering why you resist letting go of the things that make you unhappy
  • Uncovering if you live for the past, the future, or this moment
  • Considering patterns and conditioning that cause you to be unhappy and rewiring for joy
  • Pre-emptively shifting to a place of gratitude for a powerful, sustainable boost of joy throughout the day
  • Reclaiming personal power through forgiveness and reframing these negative experiences as blessings in disguise
  • Identifying how the movie of your life currently looks like and rewriting it to the story you want to tell
  • Letting go of harbored resentment of people you need to forgive including yourself

 OR release forgiveness by...

  • Seeing how you punish yourself or others for a particular action or situation and how it negatively impacts your life
  • Associating more pleasure than pain with the decision to embrace forgiveness and let go
  • Hearing inspirational forgiveness stories of forgiving one's self, a parent, infidelity, divorce, and acts driven by anger
  • Learning to see the other person's point of view
  • Challenging yourself to find compassion every day for those who are suffering
  • Letting go of condemnation for your actions or someone else's that may in the moment seem fine but later not be
  • Stopping the lies to yourself and writing a truthful account of the life situation(s) you are struggling the most with because of lack of forgiveness
  • Participating in your own walking meditation for practicing forgiveness and releasing ceremony to free negative energy
  • Releasing regret and practicing intuition
  • Eliminating the self-sabotage of judging yourself or others and expanding your consciousness
  • Banishing perfectionism, self-judgment, and unworthiness in life or success
  • Taking back the power by understanding the thoughts and behaviors that demonstrate how you have been unconsciously creating from your beliefs of unworthiness and/or failure
  • Detaching from your mental addictions of self-sabotage
  • Releasing your own inner victim and anyone you felt victimized by 
  • Finding acceptance of your physical body
  • Forgiving yourself for abusing and mistreating your body physically and mentally
  • Eliminating anger, resentment, and judgment of any mental condition you may have
  • Embracing aging and releasing any complaints or criticisms you have that dishonor the nature process of unfolding
  • Taking responsibility for the co-creation of your relationships and having gratitude for the lessons they served you through visualization
  • Letting go of the beliefs and expectations you place on others and allowing yourself to get upset when they don't live up to your expectations
  • Understanding how your own inner programming rather than awareness allowed you to make assumptions or judgments on others
  • Expressing compassion towards other's emotional reactions instead of criticism
  • Communicating unconditional love and generosity of spirit instead of selfishness
  • Learning healthy communication strategies, leveling up your listening skills to avoid presumption, and making effective apologies

My "Release + Unleash" 6 month coaching package (18 sessions) was designed to help you:

Receive self love coaching on happiness AND forgiveness.

Both programs give you:

  • 45 minute long sessions via phone calls three times a month 
  • Weekly Voxer text and chat support (Friday)

I love this program and I believe deeply in this work, but I cannot ethically guarantee or warrant any type of results. Additionally, there are no refunds for coaching due to the live element. So please ask any questions and get the answers you need before you enroll.

With that said, I do believe this time we spend together will be some of the most transformational and introspective work you've ever done. This is for the woman who is ready to embrace her divine power.

I am currently only working with clients who truly want to transform their lives on a deep level, are coachable, and the right match for me. The questions below will help me evaluate if we are a fit. If I believe we are, I will reach out to you via email and extend you a complimentary 15 minute consultation call for a Self Love Assessment. All personal information will be held in the strictest of confidence.

If your application is approved, you will be contacted by email within 48 hours.

Serious inquiries ONLY.