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The Boss Babe BFF List

I'm celebrating the Boss AND Babe in you, beauty!

On a weekly basis, you'll get my Boss (business advice for creating your own online business including online marketing, copywriting, and mindset) AND Babe (my latest fav fashion and beauty selections and recommendations) tips. And I'll share some personal (and entertaining) deets of my life, some just about as interesting as episodes from The Real Housewives ;)

*What girlfriends are saying about my emails*

"Hey Tarla, Loved reading your email. It almost felt like you were sitting right in front of me and making conversation. Really grateful for having come across you." - Isha 

"Love all the different experience stories you have :)" - Jillian 

"I love reading your emails. This is one of the most transparent and encouraging emails that I have read in a while." - Shelley 

"Hello there, love what you have been bringing to my inbox." - Sharaina 

"Hey babe! Loving your emails!" - Elizabeth

"You have incredible content. Thanks so much for sharing with me!" - Latasha

"I really appreciate these emails and this one just jumped out at me. Thank you so much for continuing to send them."  - Ashley 

"I loveee reading your emails!!!" - Jasmine 

"Just wanted to say thanks for always making me smile!! The information is great too, but I especially love your gumption. I want to be like you when I grow up." - Serena 

FREE Video Training Series

Make An Impact

Want to take your online presence from naaah to oh yeaaah? In this three-part video training series, I share the secrets of branding and personal storytelling. The training is completely free and available now.

In the first video, I go over the one thing that sets you apart online, and how to get people to truly know you, connect with you, and want to buy from you. In the second video, I share how a personal story builds your brand, examples of my own story, and how to write yours. And in the third video, I guide you through celebrity examples of personal stories and my system for building your personal brand in just 90 days.

FREE Guides 

The Boss Babe's Guide To Clubhouse

It's time to build that je ne said quoi "in the Club"!

Create authority like the queen that you are with 14 tips in a 24 page guide detailing how to explode your influencer network and get clients more easily than ever. Plus get daily emails with in-depth deets on how I quickly grew to 1k followers, hosting rooms of 140+ and having prospects chase me in my DMs! 

Pivoting Like A Boss (Babe) During Uncertain Times Guide

This is your guide for a shifting and changing world, love.

You'll discover how to take control of your mindset while working at home, increase your productivity and focus, and make an impact now. You'll also learn how to come online within the next 30 days if you haven't already and learn how to work completely virtually. 

Brand Like A Boss (Babe) Guide

OMGeeee, girlfran' - get ready to get your 'lil manicured hands on pure gold!

You're about to discover the secret on how to fully develop your personal brand in just 11 days with a guide and step-by-step daily emails to guide you through the process. And you'll learn how to create your branding video in just 1 day.

The Boss Babe's Guide To Tik Tok

Leave the comparison game in the dust, beauty, and raise your hands to being first in the game!

Get in the know on the 5 tips to mastering TikTok in days with a guide detailing the secrets behind the platform's algorithm. Plus get daily emails with deets on how I went viral on TikTok in just 3 weeks as well as suggested marketing strategies.

The 7-Day Cool Girl Instagram Challenge Guide 

You’re about to make it rain on the Gram!

You’ll learn how to rule Instagram like the queen you are with 7 days of posts you can copy word for word - just change out your personal deets. And you’ll get a special bonus post plus daily emails with even more prompts to maximize each post. 

The Boss Babe Facebook Content Guide 

It’s time to throw the confetti because I’m sending a party your way...

You’ll learn how to slay Facebook like a boss with 8 types of Facebook posts you can create to grow your business and following PLUS you’ll get 8 days of emails with more marketing strategies for each post. 

The Pin It Girl Pinterest Guide

You’re about to say heeeeyyyy to being a Pinterest “It Girl” or even a “Pin Up” Girl (take your pick) A$AP!

You'll discover how I went from 1k to 114k monthly views in just 2 months on Pinterest and learn about the 4 areas with 15 simple steps you can replicate. Plus, you'll get 5 days of emails with even more secrets.

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The Six Figure Secret Report 

It’s time to take things to the next level - rooftop with an insane view of the entire city level.

Check out the one Free virtually untapped resource people are using to make 6 figures online** with 5 strategies that work for any business. Plus, you'll get a Bonus, a Free mini eCourse "5 Marketing + Mindset lessons", a 5 day email course with 5 value-packed lessons you need to know to successfully start your online business. 



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