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Hey beauty, I'm Tarla Makaeff (but everyone calls me T)!

Before we go any further, let me introduce myself...I'm an LA born and raised fashion designer and copywriter turned personal branding and social strategist. I'm in love with my two puggles Bentley and Jaden, the beach, The Real Housewives, and chocolate anything.

I'm obsessed with teaching creative boss babes like you to start and grow their dream online brand and business in just 30 days without the tech headache. I took a laptop and the Internet and turned it into a multiple six figure a year income writing for Silicon beach Fortune 500 clients while helping them collectively earn millions of dollars in revenue. Now I'm leveraging the wild wild Web to create passive income while I dream (of red bottom heels, of course).

Your quiz results are designed to give you clarity and inspiration on creating an online business that you love. Take the right steps and I pinkie swear - you got this!

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  • How to build an engaged and growing social media fan base (who would give anything to hang out with you in real life) EVEN IF you’re just starting out and have never used social media to make income before
  • ​A free method for creating beautiful graphics to enhance your social media and Web site content...'cause we only do "aesthetically pleasing" around here
  • The one MOST valuable asset that will determine your level of success - hint: it’s all in your gorgeous mind!

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