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If you’re not ready for my courses or want to supplement them with even more knowledge, my trainings offer you details and examples on specific topics around building a successful online business.

Sell On Social Media 

Mindset, niche, target market, and sales strategies.

Earn With Email

Email marketing sequences.

Create Your Product Suite - COMING SOON!

Funnel and product suite creation.

Profit With Text - COMING SOON!

SMS marketing.



What's the difference between your courses, bundles, and trainings?

My courses are structured, comprehensive, full-fledged programs focused on one area step-by-step from beginning to end and include templates, collections, resources, and glossaries. They're taught through beautiful presentations using voiceover instruction, imagery, and countless examples. Videos vary in length but typically range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes long, and most of my courses have several hours of content.

My bundles (coming soon) are workshops recorded on location where I'm on video the entire time and include assignments with action based, thought provoking prompts. They have a much more informal, conversational, and free-flowing style where I share my thoughts and experiences along with examples. Each workshop is a deep dive on one particular topic and perfect if you really need help in a specific area. Workshops typically range from 60 to 90 minutes each.

My trainings are detailed presentations with voiceover instruction, gorgeous imagery, and multiple examples on one foundational online business area and include bonus material to further elaborate on the concepts. They're similar in style to my course content and targeted to one specific topic but at a more accessible price point. Trainings typically range from 35 to 60 minutes each.

You can get my trainings and bundles 24/7. Courses open and close with waitlists except Social Star which remains open year-round. All content is pre-recorded.