You Are A Dreamer!

Based on your responses, you are a Dreamer. 

Your special superpower is being a creative maven who lives to serve humanity!

You are an idealist. You can get lost in your imagination and daydreams as well as your thoughts and ideas. You wear your emotions on your sleeve, and you're ruled by your heart. You are a quiet, reserved perfectionist who drives yourself hard to discover your life purpose and serve humanity. You care deeply about the world you live in and want to make the world a better place for everyone. And these are the gifts of a true entrepreneur.

You are highly intuitive. You rely heavily on your intuition to guide you in life and business. You trust your gut instincts. As an empath, you're very sensitive to energy. Socializing can feel draining so you're comfortable being alone as this is how you process your thoughts and recharge. 

Whether you're just starting out online, trying to turn your part-time gig into a full-time one, or trying to reach the next level of online success, you need to identify your strong suit and place your focus there before branching out. 

Your strengths?

You are a creator.  You're an artist. Because you're introspective, you're also imaginative which puts your focus on the future instead of the present while you dream up amazing ideas. You think in colors. Creativity oozes out of you. Your vision isn't outlandish, it's actually epic because so few have your rare gift. That is your secret sauce.

You have an innate ability to write. You may be uncomfortable with verbal expression, but you're a talented writer. You can easily express what you're feeling on paper - a talent not many can say they have. There’s something fanciful about the way you think and whimsical about your overall air. 

You genuinely care about others. You want to understand other people and because of this, you put them at ease. You're thoughtful, diplomatic, tactful, and a good listener. But what really makes people feel comfortable around you? You're naturally warm, compassionate, and perceptive.

You strive to make the world a better place. While you're laid-back, you're passionate about the causes you believe in and have a strong personal value system. You want the world to be a magical, romantic place and you want to make a difference that people will be talking about for years to come. You want to share your heart with the world and have it mean something. You love telling stories - stories that can make a difference in other’s lives. Your work is really a cause.

Creator. Artistic Purveyor. You've got the talent to take you places!

Your free spirited nature will be the key to you unleashing your creativity successfully building an online business through your copywriting know-how. 

Your spontaneity, playfulness, and flexibility help you keep your options open. It's this go with the flow mantra and questioning of the need for rules that opens the floodgates to your unparalleled creativity.

You're motivated by appreciation and love life and all the good that comes with it.

Sometimes you're skeptical though. Because your artistic talent is so second nature to you, you forget that it's your special gift. You forget that others cannot do what you do.

Other times, you doubt that you can make money doing what you're passionate about and may even question how to. You want the work you do to be valued even though there’s an “artiste” in you (insert Parisian French accent). This can feel like a perceived failure as you can be so hard on yourself. But it's not.

Since I'm a Dreamer too, I totally can relate. You want to leave the technical part of email list building and funnel creation to someone else so you can explore, wander, and create with your copywriting. You want to know how to make money with your art. And you want to know that people will appreciate you.

Success doesn't only happen to other people, it happens to you too! You have to remember this, think this, and feel this. These are not the things made of magic or fairytales, they are real. These are not the things in galaxies far away or off in into the distant and unreachable future. No, they are much closer and within your reach than you think. 

I didn't know if I could make money as a copywriter but if I could end up wildly successful so can you using this same skill to explode your online business! Choose possibilities instead of limits. 

You just have to believe it. Trust in yourself. You have to stop with the excuses that deceive your brain into thinking you can't do it and your heart into feeling you can't do it. So affirmations for you, my friend, are key to say goodbye to fear and hello to belief.

But you've got what it takes to harness that beautifully creative mind into a work of art. You just have to hone it.

You've got the talent. You're special. And you know it, if you ask that little voice deep down inside. You know you have something different than anyone else. And you are craving the fulfillment that comes along with it.

Maybe right now you don't know how to use that creativity to make money, but all you have to know for sure in this moment, if that if you can dream it, you can make it come to pass.

This is the time to dive even deeper into your creativity.

This is the time to hone your writing skills that you naturally have a talent for. 

This is the time to learn how to use the art and science of copywriting to persuade your audience and build your online business. 

In end? You've got this because you have the gift of being a dreamer.

Great things are in your future - your ideal future!

PS - Does this sound like you or are you thinking, ummm, I'm not quite sure? If not, I'm waving my magic wand to show you the other quiz results so you can check 'em out here. You know yourself best!


Hey beauty, I'm Tarla Makaeff (but everyone calls me T)!

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I'm so glad you took this quiz because it shows me you are indeed a talented creative. My peeps! ;) I love virtually meeting Dreamers like you! I'm all about risking it all to put your art out into the world, and I see that in you too. We've got maj courage, girl.

Your quiz results are designed to give you clarity and inspiration on creating an online business that you love. Take the right steps and I pinkie swear - you got this!

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