You Are An Actionista!

Based on your responses, you are an Actionista. 

Your special superpower is being an action taker who makes things happen!

You are a researcher. When you don't know something, you figure it out. You don't let anything stop you, and you continue to take steps forward. You don't sit around and wait for things to happen. You make them happen. And these are the gifts of a true entrepreneur. 

You have too much grit and spunk to work for someone else. Your spirited passion is brimming over. And just by the amount of work you put in, you know you can succeed and reap the benefits instead of your boss or company CEO being the one to celebrate. 

Whether you're just starting out online, trying to turn your part-time gig into a full-time one, or trying to reach the next level of online success, you need to identify your strong suit and place your focus there before branching out. 

Your strengths?

You're a risk taker. Call it adventure. You don't let fear get in your way. You don’t waste time pondering what may or may not be. You leap before you look, step of your comfort zone on the daily and stay there, knowing it's the only real way to grow. That is your secret sauce.

You do the work. You're not into structure but more of a spontaneous approach to getting ish done, and you do. Even though you're sometimes distracted, you're not afraid to roll up your Saint Laurent sleeves and get moving.

You embrace your failures. Ruled by your head, you're logical in your reasoning and live in the now. You like to see immediate results, but you know they're not failures at all (aka beautiful lessons) and that each misstep gets you one step closer to your end goal. They're your stepping stones to badassness.  

You are serious about making things happen. You take action like A$AP. You are so laser-focused at reaching your goals that nothing can stop you - especially not a "bad" day. Whatever it takes is your motto. You execute and then move on to the next thing. You know you will succeed and freedom is the ultimate prize. 

Diva. Hustler. Money Maker. You’ve got it all, girl!

Your can do spirit will get you far and be the driving force behind you successfully building a business through social media and email. And you know it, deep down inside. 

You have the special gifts it requires.

You love social interaction. You're outgoing and enthusiastic. You're blessed with people skills and love talking. You get along with just about anyone. And you can definitely be the life of the party.

But lehs be real, because you are so ambitious and hard working, sometimes you can get massively overwhelmed. You think about the vast amount of information out there and tasks required to get to the finish line, and you feel like you'll never get it all done.

And then you start down the part of the comparison game, comparing your chapter 1 to someone else's chapter 10. And suddenly, imposter syndrome sneaks in, and you start to wonder if you're really good enough.

No matter how much you know to keep going and that your "failures" are beautiful lessons, in moments where you don't see progress as soon as you'd like, you can forget this and lose motivation.

Since I've def got some Actionista in me too, I totally understand the burnout that can occur when you're going 100 mph. And you can get caught up in the drudgery of daily menial tasks while trying to figure out how social media and email list building works.

This is when you have to remember that as long as you continue, you are bound to succeed. Even though it might happen more slowly than you want, growth never happens overnight. It's never comfortable. Neither are "failures" but they sure provide invaluable lessons that will be pivotal to your future success - and they are, in fact, wins in disguise.

You want to stay in your pink fluffy slippers. But instead, you'll have to occasionally walk in those gorgeous yet painful designer heels that you'd rather be sitting in at a dinner table. Because no pain, no champagne!

This is the time to get more focused than ever.

This is the time to build up your social media following.

This is the time to automate your business with an email list to turn those social media followers into email list subscribers.

Then, it's time to give yourself a break from all the ridiculously amazing hard work you have been doing, and treat yourself to a scenic drive, a mani-pedi with a BFF, or chips and guac while you watch Vanderpump Rules. 

In end? You've got this because you have the gift of being an action taker.

Watch out world, here you come!

PS - Does this sound like you or are you thinking, ummm, I'm not quite sure? If not, I'm waving my magic wand to show you the other quiz results so you can check 'em out here. You know yourself best! 


Hey beauty, I'm Tarla Makaeff (but everyone calls me T)!

Before we go any further, let me introduce myself...I'm an LA born and raised fashion designer and copywriter turned online business coach and digital course creator. I'm in love with my two puggles Bentley and Jaden, the beach, The Real Housewives, and chocolate anything.

I'm obsessed with teaching creative boss babes like you to start and grow their dream online brand and business in just 30 days without the frustration, overwhelm, and flat out tears. I took a laptop and the Internet and turned it into a multiple six figure a year income writing for Silicon beach Fortune 500 clients while helping them collectively earn millions of dollars in revenue. Now I'm leveraging the wild wild Web to create passive income while I dream (of red bottom heels, of course).

I'm so glad you took this quiz because it shows me you are indeed an action taker. My kind of girl! ;) I love virtually meeting Actionistas like you! I'm all about no fear and have always taken risks that have propelled me forward, and I see that in you too. We're a rare breed, beauty. 

Your quiz results are designed to give you clarity and inspiration on creating an online business that you love. Take the right steps and I pinkie swear - you got this!

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