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hey beauty! I'm Tarla.

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Ready to learn social media marketing and online marketing like yesterday? I so get it, girlfran'. That's why I created a Free eBook and guides to get help rock your online business, and they're all sealed with a bow and kissy face emojis (of course!). Ready to make your online business dreams come true?! YES or YES? Awesome, then click here

THE Boss Babe Book

Wave your hands in the air if you're ready to create your own online marketing business from scratch in just 1 month!  I created The Essential Guide To Your First Month Of Online Marketing to help you do just that. In this book, I've got you covered! You'll slay your first month online and build a solid foundation from day 1. 

Copywriting Course

No matter what anyone says copy is queen, just like you are. I'm taking my years as a multiple six figure a year freelance copywriter for major brands, and dishing out all my secrets to you in my Creative Copy Code course so you can write the most non-sucky copy as well for your online business (aka kickass copy à la hip, modern, and feminine vibe).

BB Text Mentorship

Text your way to boss babe online success! Get unprecedented, direct access to me 24/7 M-F with unlimited text messaging. Ask me all your questions, and I'll get text you back after I've gotten my beauty sleep, obvy ;) Learn more here where you can get on the list, email me your questions, and sign up.

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