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"Tarla Makaeff is the newest success story of 2022, turning heartbreak and loss into triumph. Now, she empowers women to succeed in the online business space — specifically social media and copywriting. She is known as the Copy Queen and has over ten years of copywriting and email marketing experience as a 7-figure revenue copywriter."

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"Tarla is focused on helping people elevate their online careers. She equips them with how to write copy that converts, how to start an online business, how to practice self-love for the ultimate business mindset, and how to create their own online courses."

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Tarla Makaeff, founder of

hey beauty! I'm Tarla.

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My Gift To You

Want to learn social media marketing and email marketing... and why self love is at the heart of success like yesterday? I so get it, girlfran'. That's why I created my free Boss Babe BFF list, exclusive texting community, mini course, video training series, hypnosis recording, playlist, and guide to get help rock your online business and life, and they're all sealed with a bow (of course!). Ready to make your dreams come true?! YES or YES? Awesome, then click here

THE Boss Babe Book

Wave your hands in the air if you're ready to create your own online business from scratch in just 1 month!  I created The Essential Guide To Your First Month Of Online Marketing to help you do just that. In this book, I've got you covered! You'll slay your first month online and build a solid foundation from day 1. 

Social Star

Are you a goal getter? Then, you'll definitely want to check out Social Star, the accelerated companion course to my book. It's THE signature success system for creating an online business, launching it, and growing it using a solid foundation within 30 days. I've included a quickstart 72-hour business plan so you can map out your entire online business plan in a single long weekend!

Iconic Copy

No matter what anyone says copy is queen, just like you are. I'm taking my years as a seven figure freelance copywriter for Fortune 500 companies and Hollywood studios, and dishing out all my secrets to you in my Iconic Copy course so you can write the most non-sucky copy as well for your online business (aka kickass copy à la hip, modern, and feminine vibe).

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