As a Los Angeles hypnotherapist, I help people overcome their fear of flying, which can stem from feelings of lack of control and lead to missed business opportunities, family gatherings, and enjoyable vacations. I provide effective root cause strategies to address fear associated with air travel so you can regain control and confidence in flying. 

As a root cause hypnotherapist, I believe that any issue is simply a symptom. Through RTT® (Rapid Transformational Therapy®), we delve into your subconscious mind where you discover the answers you've been seeking all along.

Your limitless life is beckoning. Everything you've ever wanted or needed is all within your reach if you just believe.


We believe in late mornings, lazy Malibu beach days, fur baby cuddles, and making magic in any moment.

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Adventure is good for the soul so we're always on a quest to rediscover hidden gems in LA. 

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